Easter 2008 Scrapbook Layout


The colors in Charlize Creations’ new mini-kit were perfect to scrap a picture of Will’s first Easter.

Just check out this sweet drooling boy…it doesn’t get much cuter than this!


And now he’s almost seven years old…SEVEN! sigh…

I loved the little bunny that’s included in this mini-kit…adorable and just had to include it in my layout.

Products used: Hippity Hoppity mini-kit by Charlize Creations; Bundled-up Alpha – Charlize Creations

I hope you have a great Easter weekend celebrating the resurrection of our LIVING Savior!


Throwback Thursday Stories – Ritz Crackers

I love pictures.

I love capturing pictures of my family.

I love documenting our moments together through photography.

But more than the pictures, I love the stories behind the pictures.

Today and for as long as I am able, I’m joining Jessica at The Mom Creative in sharing the stories behind my Throwback Thursday pictures.

It is my goal to share a picture from my past each week that correlates to a similar time of the year, just years ago.

This week I’m sharing photos of my twins from April 18, 2006. 

Ritz Sticks-1

My husband was deployed to Iraq at the time and I was taking care of our twin babies in our little apartment.

My days were busy and filled with all things feeding, diapering, napping, and caring for these two precious girls.

This was the first time I remember them getting into a bit of mischief.

Ritz Sticks-2

I had been playing with them and stepped out of the room for a few minutes…probably to go to the bathroom (???). We moms have to do that from time to time, you know.

Ritz Sticks-3

Anyway, when I walked back into the living room, I saw these two with a box of Ritz Crackers in between them.

It’s pretty safe to say that most if not all of the crackers were strewn all over the floor.

Ritz Sticks-4

The girls and I locked eyes and they started to crawl away.

Ritz Sticks-5

In a moment of sheer brilliance, I grabbed my camera and told them it was okay as I suppressed the laughter that so wanted to escape from deep down inside.

Ritz Sticks-6

All I wanted to do in that little moment of time is capture them.

I wanted time to stop so I could just enjoy a moment of fun and laughter and lightness.

And I am so glad that I did.

Along with each week’s Throwback Thursday Stories, I would like to create a scrapbook page for the story I’m sharing.

Check back later for today’s layout.

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