Blessings All Mine Sept. 18

How very blessed I am!

I am learning that more and more and I am learning that I must open my eyes to the blessings that are all around me. It is so easy to get dragged down by this world, otherwise.

This week I am counting the blessings of…

my beautiful fluffy companion

playing legos together

sister and brother sneaking dry cereal from the bowl

spending all day reading after a visit to the library

little hands creating art


beginning American Heritage Girls

sister hugs

science experiments


playing in the sprinkler

Jenny & Mommy time

Rain in El Paso


shopping alone

fresh baked bread from a friend

sweet fellowship


Everyday is a journey to walk in the light as he is in the light.

When we, as Christians, seek to do this…to live and walk in His light…we will have fellowship with one another and Jesus’ blood will cleanse us from all sin.

I am so thankful for the fellowship I have with other believers and I am thankful for the blood of Jesus which has cleansed my sins.

These are the two biggest blessings I could ever receive.


Daily Life {Documented} 2014 Week 29


Left Side


Right Side


Products used: This Month – September by Amanda Yi Designs & Project Grids by Amy Martin

Ice cream has to be one of the best parts of summer, right? We definitely enjoyed  our ice cream this week with a visit to Menchie’s after Will’s haircut and a stop by Baskin Robbins after my discipleship class.

I love documenting our everyday life in this way!


Homeschool Week in Review 2014 Week 6

I’m trying out something new today.

I’d really like to start sharing what we’re doing and learning in school each week in a Homeschool Week in Review post.

As I share our homeschool weeks, I’ll be sharing some things that are working (or not working) for us in our homeschool journey.

Hopefully, this will be helpful for you.

This will also be encouraging to look back on and see all that we have done throughout our school year.

It is so hard to believe that we’re finishing up our 6th week of this school year already!

This has been our smoothest start to the homeschool year. It feels like everything is working…and I cherish that feeling. I’m comfortable with where we are and the curriculum decisions I’ve made for this school year.


Page credit: Stories: Templates 3 by Kristin Cronin Barrow; Storyteller September 2014 by Just Jaimee

I’m creating these weekly homeschool week in review collages in 6×8 format so that I can print them and put them in a 6×8 album to document our school year.

This week…

Keith taught Will’s Trail Life class and it was all about the weather and clouds. Keith took this picture of the clouds above the mountains here in El Paso…beautiful! One day this week Keith called Will from work and asked him to look out the window and tell him what kind of clouds he saw and HE NAILED IT!!

The girls received their American Heritage Girls uniforms in the mail and they were so excited to wear them to their meeting on Tuesday evening. We  are all excited about them participating in American Heritage Girls this year (think Girl Scouts, but faith based).

I love that homeschool affords us the unique ability to really grow my children’s relationships with one another. Jenny would be lost without her sisters and brother with her during the day.

I’m finishing up my first read-aloud for the year with Will, Charlotte’s Web. Yesterday he came to me with a Lego creation of “Mr. Zuckerman and Charlotte on her web”. I love how what we’re learning in school seeps into every part of their lives, including their playtime.

Speaking of Will…he has now taken to placing his pencil behind his ear when he’s not writing with it. He’s such a funny kid!

Fridays are always light days for us that we look forward to after working hard all week. Science and free-writing are highlights of our Friday schedule.

How is your school year going? 

Thanks for joining me for me Homeschool Week in Review! This post is being linked to Weekly Wrap-Up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Collage Friday at Homegrown Learners.

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