Reading Technology and Legos



Last night Jenny and I had some special time together while Keith and the “big kids” were at Trail Life and American Heritage Girls.

I promised her a fun night, though!

Before everyone headed out the door, we sat together and read books on a new app I recently discovered.

Then we talked about how we were going to spend our special evening.

She wanted to watch the Goodnight Show on Sprout and I promised her a special dessert to enjoy while we watched.

She also wanted me to color in her new Frozen coloring book with her.

The smile on her face in these two pictures sums up our night together pretty well.

With a busy family of four children, it’s not always easy to make one on one time, but it’s so important.


Another aspect of our family life that is important to us is reading time. Jenny is developing a love for reading as she sees her brother and sister reading.

She loves for me to read her stories before bed.

And she really enjoyed listening to the stories being read on this new app.


It’s funny how technology has made it’s way into every part of our lives. It has to be carefully monitored, but it can be beneficial if it’s handled properly.

I don’t think I ever imagined one of my children “reading” a book on my phone, but then again, I never imagined that I’d ever be carrying around a computer in my pocket.


Do you see the Legos sitting in Jenny’s lap as we’re reading?

Our family loves Legos!

We have a huge basket of Lego Duplo blocks in the corner of the living room and my children are constantly building with them.

That’s what Jenny was doing just before we sat down to read together.

You’re likely to see lots of Lego building snapshots through this series of posts!

31-days_web300  Thanks for joining me for Day 1 of Pictures and Words where I’ll be sharing our family’s everyday stories through pictures and words. I hope you’ll be back to join me again!

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31 Days of Pictures and Words


Hello and Welcome to 31 Days of Pictures & Words!

For the past several years, The Nester has hosted a challenge to write on one topic every day in October. This will be my third year joining in.

In 2011 I wrote on 31 Days of Dwelling.

And last year I took on the challenge to share a new digital scrapbook page everyday in 31 Days of Digi Scrapping.

This year I am so excited to share my heart in documenting our everyday stories through pictures and words.

One of my goals in writing this blog is to DWELL on the things mentioned in Philippians 4:8:

Whatever is true, honorable, right, lovely, of good repute, any excellence, and anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.

This dwelling has to be purposeful and intentional.

I have found that when I am purposefully and intentionally searching out moments in our lives to share through pictures and words, my mind is dwelling on these things.

I believe there is beauty to be found in every story that we tell and share.

I believe there is beauty in the everyday…in the seemingly mundane moments of our lives.

It is one of my heart passions to tell the story of my family’s life through sharing the beauty of our everyday through two simple tools…pictures and words.

I often combine these pictures and words (and some extra pretties) in making digital scrapbook layouts.

My family has come to share the albums I have made that contain our stories told through the combination of pictures and words.

So, each day of this month, I will be sharing with you a moment from our day captured through pictures and a story told of that moment through words.

I welcome you to come here and discover how you can tell your own story and see the beauty in your own everyday, mundane moments through pictures and words.

I challenge you to look around you for that beauty.

You can find each day’s posts linked here:

Day 1 – Reading, Technology and Legos

If you want to check out other topics people will be writing on everyday in October, check out the 31 days site.

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I can’t wait to spend this month sharing my story through Pictures & Words with you!!!

Please tell me a little something about yourself and your story in the comments below.

I’d also love to know if you’re participating in Write 31 Days this year! Feel free to leave a link to your series if you are.


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