Apple Pickin’ at Carter Mountain

We went to Carter Mountain to pick apples for our first homeschool field trip of the year yesterday.

We had a great time, although I must say that I was quite disappointed with the apples. They were picked over and the quality just wasn’t the best. I think next year we’ll try to find an apple farm that’s a little less commercial.

What this apple orchard lacked in apple quality, though, paled in comparison to the beautiful scenery that we were able to enjoy! As you see on the video the landscape was gorgeous.

The girls, Will and I went walking through the orchard so they could pick some apples themselves. After walking for the longest time and not finding any apples to pick I finally gave up and told them they could pick some off the ground. But they had to find “good ones” without too many bruises. It was a lot like hunting for Easter eggs.

Of course, MC was disgusted by the dirty apples and Will picked them up right off the ground and ate them!

It was a fun family outing for all of us!

Have you been to an apple farm to pick apples this year?

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