Being Unselfish

Last week during our Bible time in homeschool we read the story of Ruth and Naomi. I talked to the girls about how Ruth was very unselfish.

Then I asked them to think of some things that they could do to be unselfish as well.

They struggled a bit with this.

So we talked about how being unselfish meant thinking of others before yourself. And doing things to help others rather than yourself.

So, then they were able to name some things that they could do around the house (i.e. chores) to help me and ways that they could help each other.

And all was forgotten…until this morning.

Unselfishness seemed to be the theme of the day for some reason.

At breakfast we were all having donuts and MC began breaking off pieces and giving them to her sister. (There may have been an ulterior motive here since she had a plain one and EA’s was powdered.) EA immediately commented that it was unselfish to share. I confirmed that, yes, sharing was an example of being unselfish.

And I told the girls that God was proud of them for being unselfish.

Well, this bit of encouragement really got them going.

The rest of lunch breakfast was spent with EA and MC sharing bits of their food with each other.

Then to top it all off after lunch, EA says, “Mommy can I be unselfish and sweep the floor for you?

I promise she did not have to ask me twice!!

And, of course, MC and Will were more than eager to join in with the unselfishness as they got to play with brooms and dust mops.





Sometimes it can be discouraging to teach principles when it doesn’t seem that our children are listening or taking them to heart.

Training children is extremely hard work, but it is so rewarding to see fruits of our labor taking root in their hearts as I was able to do this week.

As I read the book of Ruth in my bible reading this morning, I became ever more thankful that God chose to use this kind, unselfish foreigner as an example for us to follow.


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    I love the story of Ruth and Naomi… and I do believe children do “hear” what we try to teach them… my son is grown now… I can tell you that I saw the teachings “come to life” in him all through the years.. and even today….
    Probably the best memory or one of the best… was when we had a big snow storm and we both struggled to do our drive way to get out… we were truly exhausted … when we finished….I went in the house to warm up … Erik went next door to an elderly widow and did her entire driveway all by himself before I even had a chance to see what he was doing and help him… ( thought he was playing in the snow)…she tried to give him money but he wouldn’t take it…. he was only ten at the time.
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