Blessings All Mine {3.20.14}


Each week I come here to “recount” His praise.

I have nothing to be thankful for apart from Christ.

Any thanks I have to give comes from the blessings of His hand.

This week I am counting the blessings of…

Blessings All Mine-1-3

Blessings All Mine-2-2

fresh, new haircuts

friends who spend time with my children

Blessings All Mine-1

lunch date with my youngest two

Target trips

Blessings All Mine-2

quilts made by little hands

apple pie on Pi day

Blessings All Mine-1-2

discovering the Children’s Museum in El Paso

Blessings All Mine-3

focused imaginary play

hearing Jenny is a “favorite” of one of the nursery workers

teaching Sunday School

laughing with friends

loving…really LOVING church

Sunday School parties

birthday parties

Blessings All Mine-4

Chuck E Cheese duty pulled by my husband

talking homeschool with homeschool moms

big girl who stays DRY all night

beginning our homeschool day at 8 am

early mornings

repentance drawing me closer to Him

temporary tattoo on my boy’s arm

quiet house before bed

prayers for Arpaio (our Compassion child)

purposing to have a good day

little girl praying that she would learn from her mistakes (instead of fighting against them)

Blessings All Mine-5

tiny cakes baked in an Easy Bake oven served with tea & poetry

girls crafting the afternoon away

her poetry

miracle stories shared by friends

What praises are you recounting today?


  1. Pam in Missouri says

    I love, love, love that photo of Jenny playing with cars while wearing her tiara. That gave me a big ole grin and made my day!

    You have a beautiful family and a lovely heart. Thanks for sharing your blessings with the world and creating a happy corner on the web.