Changing a Squirming Baby’s Diaper

Changing Will’s diaper and dressing him is very much like wrestling with an alligator. He squirms, rolls around, attempts to get up, pulls, grabs, etc., especially when he is tired and/or grumpy.

Before Keith left, he came up with a great plan to help out with this chore. We put a box of small toys on top of his changing table. The toys in this box are cheap ones, some out of happy meals, and they are small enough that Will can hold them in his small hands.

When I lay him on the table to change his diaper, I immediately hand him a toy out of the box. It will hold his attention for a little while. When he becomes disinterested and throws it on the floor, all I have to do is hand him another toy out of the box until the task is complete. Before leaving the room, I pick up his discarded toys from the floor and place them back in the box.

I’ll give all the credit for this brilliant idea to my husband, but it works for me!

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    Good plan for those smaller toys, especially since you won’t be stepping on them either if they’re on the changing table. We’ve used a lot of stickers during the squirming phase—one on the back of the hand is enough to grab a few seconds of peace. Have a great week!

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    That is a good plan for those toys that often get lost. It is impossible sometimes to wrestle a baby just to change their diaper. I will have to start saving those toys!

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    Wow what are the odds! My name is Keith, my wife’s name is Monica and our son’s name is Will! I was looking for a way to get Will to stop squirming during diaper change and found your blog! I wrote a book about him called Will the Pirate, the GOOD Pirate too!