Daring and Creativity

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I have shared with you that my One Little Word for this year is Dare.

Focusing on this word and living it out is proving to be exactly what I’ve needed.

This week I had an opportunity to dare.

In all honestly, I probably had more than one opportunity, but there’s one that I want to share with you right now.

But, let’s back up a bit….

One thing that I’m learning is that creativity takes a lot of daring. It takes daring to be creative and maybe even a little more to share your creativity. The risk of rejection can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Last year, after applying for several creative teams for digital scrapbook designers, I began to doubt my creativity. I questioned my art and I became hesitant to continue doing it.

I went through a “funk” and a major loss of creative mo-jo in my scrapbooking.

And when I began scrapping again I promised myself that I wouldn’t face rejection again…I vowed not to apply for more creative teams because of my fear of rejection. Because I didn’t want to dare.

With my resolution to focus on the word “dare” for this year, I had to reevaluate that previous vow. Did I really want to build a shield around myself, around my heart like that?

Well, earlier this week someone in a Project Life facebook group shared a creative team call for a designer who I would love to work with. One of the same designers I received a “no” from last year.

I expressed some hesitancy and was encouraged by another scrapbooker saying, “I’m always scared of rejection…but I still apply if I want it bad enough. I’ve gotten on so many amazing teams because I put myself out there. It’s worth it and what a great way to use your OLW!”

With that encouragement, I decided to be DARING and apply.

No matter what the answer to this specific application is, I am so glad that I dared to put myself out there.

Like my scrapbook friend said, it is worth it.

If I get a rejection letter, I’ll probably be sad and I may even cry, but I’ll continue scrapping our memories because that’s my art, that’s how I express my creativity. Being brave and daring to share my art is a part of the process.

As I pondered being daring and it’s connection to creativity this week, I have seen it exercised all around me.

Daring is making your own soap and selling it on Etsy.

Daring is beginning a new blog and writing with vulnerability.

Daring is sharing your music with the world.

Daring is telling your Bunco friends about your husband’s upcoming deployment.

Daring is taking part in a month of challenges at The Lilypad.

Daring is putting out a call for scrapbookers to join your design team.

Daring is making a quilt for a friend.

Daring is writing an encouraging note.

Daring is releasing a book you wrote and poured so much of yourself into.

Daring is sharing the real life ups and downs of taking care of house and home while your husband is away for a year long deployment.

Daring is changing the name of a well established blog to become more of who you are.

Daring is founding a non-profit maternity home in Kenya to aid pregnant girls in extreme poverty.

Daring is committing to read the Bible in 90 days and asking others to join you.

Daring is sharing your recipes and your struggles with food allergies.

Daring is sharing your creativity and craftiness.

Daring is sharing your struggles with cancer.

Daring is taking ukulele lessons and playing a song for your grandchildren over skype.

I am in awe of the women all around me who are daring.

They are daring to be creative.

Daring to live their art.

And daring to share it with the world.

I am learning that daring is living. It’s living life with creativity and vulnerability in order to grow into the person you were created to be.

How are you daring?


  1. says

    I’ve tried to be daring by writing my music curriculum and actually putting it out there for sale. I had no idea if people would even be interested – so this was going out on a huge limb for me!

    BTW — I love your picture — great boots!

    • says

      That WAS daring, Mary! People were interested and because you dared to do that, it impacted the way people are teaching music in their homeschools.

      I think you’re also daring with each homeschool post that you write, sharing how you do things, and even your struggles is quite daring and I admire you so much for it!

      And thanks for the compliment :)! Thank you for reading, for commenting, and for being a friend.

  2. says

    Wow, Monica. I got chills reading this post. And to see myself included in that amazing run-down of daring women, well, it empowers me beyond belief. Thank you, friend. It can be so easy to allow our fears to control us (trust me, I know), but it’s true that if we really want to LIVE this life to the full, we need to take risks and put ourselves out there…even if it means we might fail or get rejected. It’s how we learn. It’s how we grow.

    I’m so proud of you for claiming “DARING” as your word this year and for acting on it already with your application. Regardless of what happens, you are a huge success and inspiration in my eyes! MAJOR HUGS!

  3. says

    I was daring last year in publishing my book. I am waiting on the Lord for what He would have me step into this year. Thanks for sharing about all of these daring women!