Do They Know They are Cherished?


I created this layout last year as I remembered cherishing Will as a baby.

As I look back on each of my children’s baby years, I don’t remember the late night, the uninterrupted sleep, the worries, the constant cries as much as I remember the coos, the first smiles, the cuddles, and the sweet moments that we shared.

I cherished that time.

I want to do the same with them now, as they are getting older and our relationship is growing and changing with each passing day.

As I tuck each of them in bed each night, handing out special hugs and kisses, I wonder if they know…

Do they know that they are loved?

Do they know that they are treasured?

Do they know that they are cherished?

Can they see beyond the tears shed, through the nagging words, and above the frustrations shared to the love I have for them?

With each day, my prayer is that they will know, that they will be certain, and that they can rest in being cherished.



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    I love this and your picture that goes with it! I think just like us, it will probably take being parents themselves for them to realize just how loved and cherished they are : )

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    Hi Monica
    Isn’t that the question in every mom’s heart! This is my first time visiting and I wish I could come over for a visit for I have bought scrap booking things and need someone to just show me the ropes. Your layout will always be a reminder to your little one to remember how precious he/she is even when they are adults!
    Hugs to you