Friday Favorites is Back

fridayfavorites_BigbuttonOne of my favorite things about blogging is the ability to share information.

There is so much information online that it can get to be quite overwhelming. It helps to get recommendations of new blogs, or just interesting, informative posts from other bloggers that I know and trust.

And sometimes I am so excited about a wonderful, thought provoking post or a new recipe, or a great craft idea that I just cannot wait to share it.

That’s exactly why I started posting my Friday Favorites a while ago. I got out of the habit and started sharing links through Google Reader on my sidebar. But I still missed really pointing out my favorites to you each week.

So, I am so excited to announce that Friday Favorites is back and (hopefully) it will be getting even better.

I am going to start adding a MckLinky to my Friday Favorites post, so that you can write a post listing your favorite links of the week on your own blog and share them with us.

I have noticed that many bloggers do this. And it’s done in a variety of ways, for example,

BooMama has Linky Interwebby Awesomeness

OhAmanda has My New Favorite

SimpleMom has Weekend Links

and there are many others out there! You can call yours whatever you like. And it doesn’t have to be written on a certain day of the week, I’ve just decided to do mine on Fridays.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to scroll through looking at everyone’s favorite posts of the week?? If you think so, then consider writing your own link post and sign up on the MckLinky below.

Not sure how to write a favorites post? To help you out before I list my own Friday Favorites, here are some articles on how to write a link post.

Write a Link Post (assignment 7 of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge) by ProBlogger

10 Rules for Creating Killer Link Posts by Tzu Velli

How to Write a Links Post by Confident Writing

Now, with all that being said and shared (whew!), here are my Friday Favorites for this week:

Is Cleaning the House Schoolwork? by The Homeschool Classroom

Teaching Your Kids to Apologize by Impress Your Kids

No Small Thing by Heart of the Matter Online

10 Tips for Looking Your Best by SimpleMom

Four Daily Routines: How I Keep My House “Clean Enough” by The Inspired Room

WFMW: Reviving Veggies by Closing Time

If you write your own favorites post (it doesn’t have to be written today, it can be from earlier in the week), please link here to share with everyone. Oh, yeah…I also have a button in my sidebar that you can grab to put on your blog and feel free to use the Friday Favorites banner image in your own post.

I can’t wait to see what has peaked your interest this week!!


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    I love doing Friday Favorites, but mine are normally products, I definitely need to add more online articles, blogposts, etc.