Funky Mom


I love being a mom so much more than I ever dreamed that I would.

My best moments of motherhood are those when I truly enjoy being with my children, when I let myself go and have fun with them.

Those are the moments when I can be called a funky mom…I can be found laughing, dancing, singing reading with funny voices and just being silly with my little ones.

As I become a more seasoned mom, year after year, I am realizing that there’s so much more to life than following all the rules…live is meant to be lived to it’s fullest.

So…that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to be a silly, funky mom to my four children and their memories of me will be filled with fun, laughter, and lots of love.

I was such a rule follow as a first time mom. Thankfully, I have learned to relax a little over the years. Relaxing and having fun has allowed me to enjoy my children so much more.

Yes, discipline has to occur, but life doesn’t have to be so stiff and rigid. That’s a lesson I’m constantly learning!

This layout was made using the new kit by Charlize Creations, Funky Mom and her I Am Blessed schemes.

Have you relaxed a bit over the years as a mom?



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    I think in some ways I have relaxed and then in others I am more frazzled. But, I too want my kids to look back on their childhood as one filled with love and laughter. Great post! Your always a great source of encouragement and inspiration!!