One of Those Days

Today was one of those days.


You know…the kind of day that leaves you collapsed in a heap at the top of your stairs because you cannot take another step.

And then it’s all giggles because your husband snaps a picture with his phone, the cat looks at you like you’ve lost your mind, and the kids are talking about jumping on top of you.

So you get up and you take that next step.

And you get ready to face another day with love and grace.

Because that’s what you do.

I take such comfort in knowing that I’ve been called to this life I’m living.

The day may leave me exhausted, but I know the One who restores my soul.

It is His comfort that I seek and find at the end of days like this.

I pray that you find comfort and peace in His presence if you’ve had one of those days!



  1. Jodi Boyle says

    Praying your week is going better. From one homeschool mom to another. It is hard, but you are doing an amazing job. Have a good week