Pajama Day


Confession: Yesterday I let Jenny play outside in her pajamas.

Confession: Her hair was a mess as well.

Confession: MC looked at me like I had two heads when I did so.

You see, this is something that I would not ordinarily do.

Before going outside the confines of our house, even just to play in the backyard, I usually make sure everyone is dressed and looking presentable.

But I’m learning to let up a bit and relax some of my too high standards.

For my kids and for myself.

So, after a morning in pajamas while I worked on finishing up this house, when Jenny wanted to follow her brother outside, I told her to go for it.

sweet face

(after all, who can deny this sweet face??)

MC did look at me like I had just sprouted two heads and said, “But she has pajamas on!”

I looked at her, shrugged, and said, “I know and it’s okay”.

Because, it was.

It is okay to relax, to wear pajamas for an entire day if the day calls for it.

And to enjoy some time in the beautiful sunshine in those pajamas as well.

I’m sure this won’t become an every day occurrence, but it felt good to just let her be.

It felt good not to stress about quickly getting the two year old dressed and fight the battle of taming her wild hair just so she could play outside and stroll Minnie around the perimeter of our backyard.


I’m learning that sometimes a girl just needs a good pajama day.

Sometimes I need a good pajama day…in fact I just may see one in my near future.


Do you enjoy pajama days?

Have you learned to relax your standards with your kids and yourself?

…it’s a freeing thing to do!



  1. Jodi says

    Since we homeschool we have pajama days a lot. I might have also let my kids go outside and play in them too. They loved it and it did not hurt anyone, so I say go for it. She is cute.

  2. says

    We LOVE pajama days at our house!!! I am the worlds most awesome mom when I say yes to my kids when they ask to stay in their pajamas for the day. And I have to admit I LOVE pajama days too!