Project Life Week 14


What a fun week!

I went from having not enough pictures last week to having an abundance this week.



Sunday – I made meatloaf cupcakes for our April Fool’s dinner. I told the kids we were having cupcakes for dinner and kept them out of the kitchen while I cooked. I topped the meatloaf with mashed potatoes colored pink, blue, and yellow. They were so surprised when they took their first bite to discover meatloaf and mashed potatoes instead of their expected sweet cupcakes!


Monday – I love when my girls dress up for no reason other than wanting to look cute! They both came downstairs on Monday with these dresses on. Even though it was a little cold and we weren’t going anywhere special, I let them wear the dresses just because.


Wednesday – I looked over at my desk and noticed these three cups. It is a good picture of the progression of drinks I have throughout the day. I start out to coffee, then move on to tea and finish the day with diet coke.


Wednesday – Jenny enjoyed her daddy reading to her from this book of classic little golden book stories.


Thursday – MC work up with a stomach virus on Thursday morning. I dropped all plans for the day to take care of her. EA was a big help, too! Thankfully, she was feeling better by the afternoon and no one else got sick!


Also, on Thursday afternoon, the kids played “cooking contest” with play-doh. I think this was Jenny’s first time really playing with play dough. She had a blast!


Friday – The girls have moved on to playing each other in chess. They love to do this before bed at night.




Saturday – We colored Easter eggs on Saturday morning. I was short one egg dipper, so Will used a whisk to color his. That’s a great trick I learned from Pinterest. The older kids had fun coloring their eggs, but Jenny did more eating than coloring and decorating!

Scrapbook pages

left side:


right side:


side by side:


Products used:


I love the “this life” series by Penny Springman. She puts out a new one for each month with word strips and elements especially related to that’s month’s activities and holidays. I also really like Amy Wolf’s label pack for fillers and journaling!

I hope your week was just as fun and you found a way to document all the memories you created!



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    I think my brother is the same rank as your husband. I would ask my brother but he is overseas right now. Great shots for the week thanks for sharing!

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    Monica I love your project life!! And a fellow digital PL-er? Wow, I am so glad I bumped into you. You have very pretty girls, and I love how your pages turned out. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and taking time to leave a comment for me to read. That just made my day :)

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    Aww how cute that the girls got dressed up just because they wanted to. No better reason for getting prettied up than because it makes you happy – go girls!
    Love the April fools cupcakes joke.
    Loving checking in and seeing your digi pages every week. You’re creating a beautiful album here!

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      Thank you so much. I do love how this album is coming together! I’m anxious to get some printed pages in an album!!

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    Those cup cakes are great! I love the look on your son’s face–wonderful catch. We used the whisk trick to egg coloring too. Worked great. I always enjoy your pages. They come together so nicely.

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    Don’t you just love dying eggs? Thanks for sharing where you got your Easter embellishments from! They are so cute! Love your layout this week