Sonlight Read Alouds


I’ve been extremely pleased with our homeschool curriculum choices this year…except for one thing.

I decided against ordering a Sonlight Core this year. I went with Story of the World for our history and Bible Truths 1 from Bob Jones for our Bible curriculum. Also, I decided to use many of the Peace Hill Press books (First Language Lessons, Writing with Ease, and Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading) for our Language Arts curriculum. Without those, ordering a Core seemed to be too much.

So, I didn’t.

But we’ve been missing our read-alouds all year.

I had originally thought that we would go back and re-read some reading selections that we’ve missed in previous years and utilize the library more for our reading selections.

But, honestly, that hasn’t happened.

I’ve come to the realization with homeschooling and choosing curriculum that it is impossible to use everything good that is out there…there’s just too much. But you have to decide what is important to your family and make choices to coincide with those things.

Reading is important to me.

I want my children to have a love for literature…good literature.

Reading aloud to them and enjoying books with them is an essential and necessary part of school for our family.

Sonlight provides the best literature choices. I have been pleased with their selections year after year.

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and order the first grade read-aloud selections and readers.

As soon as our box arrived and I opened it up to reveal these wonderful books, I knew that I made the right decision.

We began reading our first selection, Charlotte’s Web, this week. I love this time spent enjoying books with my children.

I can’t wait to see their reactions to this classic children’s book and enjoy all the others with them as well!

Our curriculum and plan for this year now feels complete.

Have you added anything to your curriculum after beginning the school year?

How do you enjoy good books with your children?



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    [smile] Reading great books together is such a joy, isn’t it? Glad to hear you decided to grab the read alouds to enjoy together. May these books truly help complete your year of learning together.


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    I went over to the Sonlight website and am confused. Is it possible to just buy the read alouds without any of the rest of the curriculum? I couldn’t figure out how. Your post made me realize that is one component we are sorely missing also and I was intrigued… I do 5 in a Row with my Kindergartner, and my 2nd grader tends to do a lot of his reading on his own. I could just use the library and pick my own, but you had me curious….

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    Yes, you can order just the read-alouds from Sonlight. I’m going to try to link to the direct page where you can do that, but in case it doesn’t work, from the main page, click on browse by subject and then Read-Alouds (you can choose which set you’d like in the blue box on the right side). We’re using Read-alouds B five day. We’ve already done all of their other read-alouds. You can use their list and utilize the library or even amazon, but I found that it just helps me to have my own library of books at the ready. I use the library for supplemental history reading and independent reading books.

    Here’s the link (hopefully it will work):