Swimming Lessons

We’re preparing for a hot El Paso summer by giving the kids swimming lessons at our local YMCA.

EA and MC have had lessons before, when we were in Virginia. They’re still in a beginning class, but they’re much more comfortable with the water than they were before.

This is Will’s first time participating in swimming lessons.

swimming lessons 1

I will admit that I was super nervous about him and how he would react to the water.

I’m not a swimmer and am nervous in the water myself. I have actually considered taking adult lessons and probably should. So, the thought of my babies being in the water, especially if they are fearful, puts my nerves on edge.

But I had no reason to worry with Will.

He has loved every minute of this time!

swimming lessons 2

swimming lessons 3

swimming lessons 4

swimming lessons 5

swimming lessons 6

No, he’s not one hundred percent comfortable with getting his head or face wet and he’s a little stiff, but he is having a blast and being so brave.

I’m proud of this boy of mine…I don’t let him know that near enough.


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    Was just browsing and the first picture caught my eye. It is a great shot. Good job!